Trading Power of Attorney


All Customers who designate an Authorized Trading Agent, defined as any person other than Customer, who is given the ability to control, manage or direct trading decisions in the Account (as defined below), must read and agree to the following document by signing and dating before Authorization will be granted by UNISON CORPORATION.

The Undersigned Customer(s) authorizes: I/we designate Trading Agent 

_________________________________________________________ as Agent and attorney-in fact for the purpose of buying and selling margined foreign currency lots for the undersigned Customer’s Account (the “Account”), and at the Customer’s sole risk through UNISON CORPORATION, (hereafter referred as “UNISON CORPORATION”). The Customer hereby indemnifies and holds harmless UNISON CORPORATION for losses, indebtedness, and all other liabilities that arise directly or indirectly therefore.


Customer acknowledges and understands that UNISON CORPORATION is hereby being given authorization to follow the instructions of the authorized Customer’s Trading Agent (the “Agent”) in every respect with regard to the Customer’s foreign currency trading Account with UNISON CORPORATION except for the non-trading withdrawal of any money, securities, collateral or any other asset that is in the name of the Customer. UNISON CORPORATION will not in any way be liable or responsible for any buy or sell trading actions done on the Customer’s behalf by the Agent or for any losses incurred by the Agent for the Customer’s Account. Further, UNISON CORPORATION does not endorse the Agent nor does it vouch for the background, or experience of the Customer’s Trading Agent, nor does UNISON CORPORATION endorse any operating methods used by the Customer’s Trading Agent, including when trading for the Customer’s Account.


Customer acknowledges, assents and understands that the above authorized Trading Agent will have access and will be given copies of any statements, notices and correspondence relating to Customer’s Account and that the Trading Agent is hereby given authorization to acknowledge and approve the correctness of any such statements and other documentation on behalf of the Customer. UNISON CORPORATION will endeavor to provide the Customer with online access to all Account information including, but not limited to, the Cash on Account, Unrealized Profit and Loss on Open Positions, Account Value, as well as a record of all prior trade details including but not limited to Realized Profit and Loss, the Date of the Transaction, Amount and Deal Price.   


Customer acknowledges and understands that trading in margined foreign exchange is very risky and may result in losses that equal to or exceed the amount of margin deposited UNISON CORPORATION. Customer should only trade or give authorization to trade on Customer’s behalf, Risk Capital, which is defined as that capital which if lost would not alter the lifestyle of Customer, Customer’s family and/or the solvency of the corporation for which Customer or Customer’s Authorized Trading Agent trades.


I hereby acknowledge and agree that my agent and attorney-in-fact shall be compensated from funds maintained within my account in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below. Further,


shall I elect to initial ‘Yes’ below and sign the document labeled ‘Commission Schedule’ attached hereto, I am agreeing to compensate my agent and attorney-in-fact at rates contained within the Commission schedule. I understand and acknowledge that I may already be paying commissions to my Introducing Broker and that any commissions agreed to herein are separate commissions being charged for separate services. My decision to not agree to pay commissions per the Commission Schedule attached hereto will not affect any commissions already being paid to my Introducing Broker.


Subject of the Agreement

1:This Client Agreement is entered into by UNISON CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and the Client who submitted a registration form at  (hereinafter referred to as “Client”).

2:The Agreement sets forth the relationship between the Client and the Company including but not limited to: orders’ execution, Client policies, payments and/or payouts, claims resolution, fraud prevention, communication and other aspects.

3: Any possible arguments between the Client and the Company will be settled in compliance with the Agreement unless stated otherwise.

4: By entering into the Agreement the Client guarantees that he/she is a person of a legal age. In case the Client is a legal entity, it guarantees the entity is capable and no other parties are eligible to perform any actions, claims, demands, requests, etc in respect to the Client’s trading account.

5: The Client has no right to bypass fully or partially his/her obligations by the Agreement on the basis that it is a distance contract.